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Infection Control Center

The infection Control Center was established in December 2005 to improve hospital infection control, provide programs for the entire hospital for the implementation of various measures for hospital infection control, plan programs for the Center, and coordinate communication with various committees.


The Infection Control Center is responsible for the following activities:

  • Prevention of hospital and nosocomial infection
  • Implementation of measures for patients with or suspected of contracting hospital or nosocomial infection and measures to prevent hospital infection
  • Provision of training for hospital infection prevention
  • Organization of meetings of the Hospital Infection Prevention Committee
    The infection Control Center conducts daily inspections for infection in cooperation with infection control and prevention services and the bacteriological laboratory. If infection is detected, the information is delivered to on-site staff immediately and the relevant ward is instructed to isolate affected patients.
    Confirmed inspection results are reported daily to the Hospital Director and monthly at meetings of the Hospital Infection Prevention Committee. Information on the occurrence of infectious disease is also posted on the website for hospital staff, along with relevant issues. The Infection Control Center staff includes specialists in a wide variety of fields formed into an ICT (Infection Control Team) that makes rounds every Thursday. With their interdisciplinary expertise, these members implement infection prevention activities.


The members of the Center are Moriya, Director of Infection Control Center (Director of infection Control and Prevention Service); Shintani,infection control teaching staff (ICD); Uchida, Deputy Director of Nursing Department (ICN); Mahira, infection control chief nurse (ICN); Kobayashi, infection control laboratory technician; and Takaku, Administrative Department member.

Kyoji Moriya

Kyoji Moriya


Infection Control and Prevention Service/Department of Infection Control and Prevention Graduate School of Medicine


M.D. , Ph.D.


Infection Control and Prevention Service/ Hepatocellular carcinoma, Liver diseases, Viral hepatitis, Liver diseases

Research Interests

Mechanism of hepatocarcinogenesis and relarion between carcinogenesis and mitochondria damage



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