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Message from Director

Sakae Tanaka, Director

The University of Tokyo Hospital: Walking Together with You

Thank you for visiting The University of Tokyo Hospital’s website.

The University of Tokyo Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in our country, with a history spanning more than 160 years if you include its predecessor, the Kanda Otamagaike Vaccination Center. The mission of all national university hospitals is to carry out medical treatment, research, and education, and we are expected to contribute to the community and society through the fulfillment of this mission. The University of Tokyo Hospital upholds the philosophy of “contributing to the advancement of clinical medicine and the cultivation of healthcare professionals in order to provide each patient with the optimal medical care,” which translates to respecting the patient’s wishes, delivering safe and reliable medical care, and cultivating excellent healthcare professionals with whom we can share this philosophy. We are committed to realizing this philosophy by upholding the goals of “providing medical care in partnership with the patient,” “providing safe medical care,” “developing advanced medical technology,” and “cultivating excellent healthcare professionals.”

In terms of medical treatment, as an advanced treatment hospital that provides sophisticated medical care, the hospital provides state-of-the-art medical care such as robot-assisted surgery, genomic cancer medicine and organ transplants. In addition, as comprehensive perinatal medical center designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the hospital cares for high-risk pregnancies and childbirths, and provides neonatal care. During the COVID-19 outbreak, we accepted a large number of patients with severe or moderate symptoms, and built a cooperative system with the government, thus helping to control the infectious disease.

In terms of research, in 2016 the hospital gained approval as a core clinical research hospital. Since then, we have been furthering the development of new medical treatments by conducting appropriate clinical studies. Moreover, we have obtained multiple competitive research grants including KAKEN (Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research) and are continuing to share our cutting-edge research results with the world.

As for education, in addition to carrying out lectures and practical training for medical and nursing students, we are working to cultivate excellent medical professionals who share The University of Tokyo Hospital's goal of providing high-level patient-centered medical care through the education of early-stage and late-stage residents, as well as nurses and other medical staff.

In recognition of these efforts, The University of Tokyo Hospital was mentioned in Newsweek’s 2023 World’s Best Hospitals list as the top-ranking hospital in Japan, and 17th worldwide.

These days, the advancements in the fields of science and technology are leading to the increased sophistication of medical care. The University of Tokyo Hospital aims to incorporate the latest medical technology and knowledge, while simultaneously communicating with each patient to provide medical care that is tailored to their individual conditions and needs. We hope to continue working hand in hand with local residents and other medical institutions to protect the health of our patients, while contributing to the development of Japan’s medical care and society.

Thank you.

April 2023

Sakae Tanaka, Director

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