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About Us

Committed to excellence as the core center for medical science and care in Japan

Our Mission

The University of Tokyo Hospital contributes to the advancement of clinical medicine and the cultivation of healthcare
professionals in order to provide each patient with the best medical care.responsibilities and mission as a hospital that creates
a better tomorrow for medical care. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Patients' Rights

The patient has the right to receive the best medical care.

  • The patient has the right to obtain information regarding his/ her condition and treatment.
  • The patient has the right to ask questions and express opinions.
  • The patient has the right to make free decisions regarding his/her medical care.
  • The patient has the right to expect that all identifiable information about him/ her be kept confidential.

Obligations of Patients

  • The patient must provide accurate information of his/ her health.
  • The patient must follow the regulations of this hospital.
  • The patient must avoid being a public nuisance.
  • The patient must pay for the medical services that he/ she received.



  • To provide medical care in partnership with the patients
  • To provide safe medical care
  • To develop advanced medical technology
  • To cultivate excellent healthcare professionals

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