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The University of Tokyo Hospital Privacy Policy

1.Access Log

When you visit the University of Tokyo Hospital’s website, the IP address (a binary number) that identifies your location on the Internet and the domain name that corresponds to the IP address are automatically logged. We may obtain and record the address and the domain name for managing the website’s server. In general, it is difficult to identify personal information from the IP address. We will not share the logged IP address or the domain name with any third parties.


Our website provides links to external websites. This does not mean that our website shares these websites’ responsibility for privacy protection. Each website that handles personal information has its own idea of privacy and takes a unique approach to privacy protection. If the website you are visiting has a privacy policy, please read it carefully before using the site. On your webpage, you can provide links to the pages of our website, although you cannot display any of those pages within the frame of your webpage. You do not need to notify us when you set up the link to our website.


Our website content is copyrighted by the University of Tokyo Hospital. No part of the content may be reproduced or duplicated without our consent, except when the reproduction or duplication is for your organization’s internal use only.


We take great security measures so that the personal information collected through the operation of this website will be securely managed and protected. We strictly manage the computers that store personal information in relation to the operation of this website so that internal data will not be falsified or damaged by unauthorized access from outside our network. We take proper and sensible security measures against any data breach or unauthorized access from outside our network to protect your personal information.

5.Policy Update

Our privacy policy standards may change as technology progresses and/or security risks increase or decrease. We may also modify the types and range of personal information we collect when the details of our work change. The privacy policy is not set in stone; it needs to be evaluated and revisited constantly to remain in accordance with the circumstances. When we have made any changes to our privacy policy, we will make an announcement on the website or send out an individual notice so that users can immediately understand the changes.

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