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Medical Billing and Payment

Payment Tips

  • Japanese National Health Insurance program DO NOT cover patients without Japanese National Health Insurance Card. At the Tokyo University Hospital, international patients without the Insurance Card will be billed on a private care basis. Total billing may be significantly higher compared to the average of the Insurance Card holders. Please be sure to contact International Medical Center for information on the approximate costs before proceeding with your plan to visit us for medical care.

  • Patients of the University of Tokyo Hospital can pay bills either by cash or by credit cards. There are NO PHYSICIAN BILLS. Physician fees, testing fees are all included as hospital bills.
  • If you have private insurance, please contact the insurance company for confirmation on your responsibility. The University of Tokyo Hospital does not directly negotiate with private companies.

Payment Method

Payment by cash

  • Japanese yen only. Foreign currency is not accepted.
  • Foreign currency exchange is not available within the hospital.

Payment by credit card

Following credit cards can be used: VISA /MasterCard /DC /JCB /American Express /Diners Card

  • Only payment in a single installment is permitted.
  • 4-digit PIN code is required.
  • You cannot pay the hospital fee by combined use of cash and credit card.
  • Verify if your card will be acceptable in Japan and notify your plan in advance to your credit card company with an approximate cost, since some cards delivered outside Japan cannot be used in Japan.
  • If those who submitted a “Document Guaranteeing the Payment of Hospital Fee by Credit Card” do not pay within 7days after the date of issuance of bill, credit card transaction will be automatically settled on the 8th day (except Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays). An official receipt will be mailed to a registered address thereafter.

Payment by bank transfer
  • Bank transfer form is issued upon request.
  • Wire money in Japanese yen.
  • Bear the bank remitting charges concerned on your responsibility.

Hospital Expense


In case of cash payment or bank transfer payment, the following deposit will be required.

  1. Cosmetic Surgery 100,000 yen/ 300,000yen/800,000yen depending on treatments.
  2. Natural delivery 500,000yen
  3. Living Donor Liver Transplant 15,000,000yen
  4. Other procedures  500,000yen

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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