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Outpatient Clinic

Initial Consultation at the University of Tokyo Hospital

Hospital services are provided by advance reservation only.
Call Reservation Center for details: +81-3-5800-8630  [10:00-17:00] Patients with urgent needs are requested to consult their physicians or local hospitals.

Contact Reservation Center for appointments in advance.
Reservation Center Opening hours: 10:00 to 17:00 (except for Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and New Year's holiday)

  • Calls are accepted until two business days prior to the intended date of consultation.

  • Reservation Center is only responsible for physician consultation schedules.

  • For test date changes, consult directly with your physician.
  • Referral documents from your primary care physician are required.

The University of Tokyo Hospital is designated as an Advanced Treatment Hospital by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to provide mainly advanced medical care. Official referral information (such as provided in the format of patient referral document by a primary care physician) from other medical institution is required for consultation.

Some services may accept consultation without referral information. In this case, additional fee of ¥8,100 will be charged.

Consult Reservation Center for further information.

Have your Japanese National Health Insurance card, Medical Care/Welfare certificates etc., with you on consultation.

Presentation of Japanese National Health Insurance card at each reception desk is required on a monthly basis. Failure to comply may result in necessity for full payment by the patient without insurance coverage.

Notify service reception staff of changes in information (i.e., address, name) recorded in insurance documents before the first consultation after such changes has occurred.

In case of natural disaster, daily clinic activity will be cancelled and mandatory evacuation plan procedure will take place. Follow staff’s instruction promptly for your safety.

Opening Hours
  Weekday except Saturday
Reception Counters No.1-No.5
Application Center: until 11:00
Revisiting Patients Reception Machine 8:10-15:30
Automatic Payment Machine 8:30-18:00
In-house Pharmacy 8:30-17:00
Reservation Center(DL) 03-5800-8630 10:00-17:00
Patient Visiting Hours 7:00-20:00

Flowchart of an outpatient visit

Hospital services are provided by advance reservation only.

( Reservation Center: +81-3-5800-8630 [10:00-17:00] ) Patients with urgent needs are requested to consult their family physicians or local hospitals.

Initial Consultation/First Visit

Follow-Up Visits

  • For initial consultation/ first visit (first service/ department) (Includes patients who consult different department for the first time)

General Reception Counter (Counter No.1) (8:25-17:00) (Same-day appointment is available until 11:00 am.)

  • Patients with an appointment and patient ID card

Revisiting patients reception machine (8:10-15:30)

  • Follow up Patients without an appointment
  • Patients with an appointment, but came without patient ID card
  • Patients who missed the time for the appointment

Reception (Counter No.5) (8:25-17:00)

Check your appointed Reception located on each floor
Medical Examination/ Laboratory and other tests
Submit to your appointed Reception
Cashier (Counter No.6)
Automated payment machine or Cashier (Counter No.8)
To obtain your medicine, submit the prescription sheet to a pharmacy outside the hospital of your choice, or to the in-house pharmacy counter (Counter No.9) (*) or a pharmacy outside the hospital. *In-house pharmacy accepts prescription sheets issued for in-house use only. Consult your physician for details.

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