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Participation in the National Clinical Database (NCD)

The University of Tokyo Hospital

The University of Tokyo Hospital is a participant in the database project implemented by the National Clinical Database (NCD). This project aims to enhance the quality of medical care and provide the best medical care to patients by registering, summarizing, and analyzing information about surgeries and treatments throughout Japan. It enables us not only to consider how we should properly allocate physicians to provide more adequate medical care for patients, but also to obtain useful information to provide patients with the best medical care. We would appreciate your cooperation and understanding of the purposes of the project.

1. Information registered in the NCD

Information on surgeries and treatments provided at our hospital and patient information (age, height, weight, etc.) necessary to examine their effects and risks are registered. ID not related to patients’ name are used in registering the information. A correspondence table linking ID and patients’ name is strictly controlled in our hospital and is not provided to the NCD.

2. Management of registered information and publication of results

Although registered information does not easily reveal patients by itself, it is strictly managed Regarding the management of registered information, we and the NCD comply with all laws, regulations, and agreements concerning the handling and management of information (Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Ethical Guidelines for Medical and Health Research Involving Human Subjects, Security Guidelines for Medical Information Systems, etc.). Regarding the publication of data, only information approved by the NCD is published as aggregate data. The sources are not identified.

3. Refusal of registration and confirmation of registered information

If you do not want to have your information registered, you can refuse its registration. Please inform our staff accordingly. If you want to view or delete your registered data, please inform us accordingly. Please note that such requests will not result in any disadvantages in daily medical practice.

4. Cooperation with the survey conducted by NCD staff to confirm registered data

Staff members of the NCD may visit our hospital to view the clinical charts or medical records of patients to confirm that the information we have registered in the NCD is correct. When we cooperate with their survey, we conclude an agreement about confidentiality with the staff members of the NCD, and prohibit them from taking out the correspondence table from the hospital, which links patients with their IDs, as well as any information that identifies patients such as their name, or disclosing them to third parties. If you have any questions about our participation in this project, please contact our staff. For more detailed information, please refer to NCD’s website below.

5. Clinical Divisions and Departments covered by this project
- Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery
- Artificial Organ and Transplantation Surgery
- Vascular Surgery
- Pediatric Surgery
- Stomach and Esophageal Surgery
- Cardiovascular Surgery
- Breast and Endocrine Surgery
- Colon and Rectal Surgery
- Thoracic Surgery
- Pediatrics Cardiovascular Team
- Urology and Andrology
- Cardiovascular Medicine
- Gastroenterology
- Neurosurgery
- Pathology
- Plastic, Reconstractive and Aesthetic Surgery

Website of the National Clinical Database (NCD):

January 22, 2019

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