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University hospital Medical Information Network Center (UMIN)

The University Hospital Medical Information Network Center (UMIN) is a unique data center for medical research and education. This center has inter-university facilities to collect and publish variety of data relating activities in hospital.


The center provides an internet information service, known as “The University Hospital Medical Information Network”, for medical researchers, students, and staff at university hospitals.


The center serves a data center shared by university hospitals. Its services are widely available not only to the University of Tokyo Hospital but also to registered users. The number of users is about 500,000 and the total web page views per month reaches about 130,000,000. The operational policy of the UMIN is determined by the University Hospital Medical Information Network Council established under the National University Hospital Council.


The UMIN’s services cover wide variety of fields on medical research and education. INDICE (UMIN Internet Data and Information Center of Clinical Research) provides electronic case repor t forms for over 250 clinical or epidemiological research projects. CTR(Clinical Trial Registry) publishes registrations of over 42,000 clinical studies. EPOC (Evaluation System of Postgraduate Clinical Training) and DEBUT (Dental Training Evaluation and Tabulation System) are used by many dental interns and supervising dentists. UMIN is a member of CDISC (Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium), and does researches on application of the CDISC’s standards to interchange metadata of medical researches.

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