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Office of Performance Monitoring

The assessment of health care quality is an extremely important activity for carrying out medical care in an appropriate manner. The office formulates clinical indicators for diverse issues, standardizes medical practice, and advocates medical safety.

Organizational structure

Positioned under the Depar tment of Per formance Monitoring and Risk Management, the office works in close cooperation with the Medical Safety Management Center. It also collaborates closely with the Standardization and Quality Review Committee, the Clinical Path Committee, the Hospital Performance Assessment Committee and other organizations.


The office advocates medical safety through various researches and assessments. It contributes to the provision of safe and high quality healthcare by abolishing local rules within the institution and promoting the standardization of healthcare practices. Clinical paths are developed by collecting the opinions within the hospital, and from the standpoint of ensuring the standardization and quality of healthcare. It encourages the use of electronic paths and paths especially designed for patients to assist them better understand the treatment plans, and also maintains a system which evaluates how clinical paths are being applied for further improvement. The office also addresses issues from the point of view of healthcare quality, with an eye to the hospital performance assessment.

Future efforts

The office plans to formulate new clinical indicators and to organize and analyze diverse data related to healthcare quality, so to make it publicly available. It will work in close cooperation with the Database Center of the National University Hospitals, so to contribute to better healthcare practices through performance assessment.

Tomotaka Yamamoto

Tomotaka Yamamoto


Medical Safety Managemnet Center, Labor Safety and Health Management Office, Office of Performance Monitoring


M.D. , Ph.D.



Research Interests

Clinical Neurology, Quality and Safety in Hospital Practice


Japanese, English

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