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Medical Specialists Training Center

The University Hospital has taken extensive measures to ensure medical safety and has been highly rated as a leader among university hospitals in Japan.


There are full-time staff members in the Medical Safety Management Center: doctors, nurses, and administrative staff members (in charge of safety and in charge of litigation). In addition, head nurse ( in charge of infection control), a pharmacist, a medical information staff, a clinical engineer, a General Education Center staff, a Patient Relations and Clinical Ethics Center staff and a Clinical Research Support Center staff concurrently play supporting roles for the Center.

Organizational management

Hospital staff is requested to submit, on a voluntary basis, an incident and accident report on medical incidents that result in unexpected consequences. Reported incidents are discussed at monthly risk manager meetings as well as at analysis subcommittees, and risk management committee meetings to identify problems from various points of view, including problems with the system and shortcomings in staff knowledge and skills. Measures to address these problems are established and announced to all staff members via e-mail, posters and center’s website. Safety awareness among staff members and improvement of knowledge and skills is promoted in a variety of ways; for example, a pocket safety manual, e-learning materials, and hospital training sessions. In addition, monthly on-site inspections are also conducted to ensure that safety measures are being implemented effectively.

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