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Medical Safety Management Center

The Medical Safety Management Center is responsible for a wide variety of activities to ensure patient safety, which have received high praise for their progressiveness.

Organizational structure

The Medical Safety Management Center is composed of general risk managers (physicians, nurses, and a pharmacist) and administrative staff. Moreover, an inhouse lawyer, the Chief Nurse in charge of infection control, members of the Department of Healthcare Information Management, clinical engineers, as well as staff members of the General Education Center, the Patient Relations and Clinical Ethics Center, the Clinical Research Promotion Center, and the Surgical Center support the center by taking on dual capacities.

Organizational management

The University of Tokyo Hospital has a system in which faculty and staff voluntarily produce an incident/accident report in case improvements are necessary to secure the safety of patients, or in case patients incur hindrances of a certain degree. The center collects such reports, visits the sites where the reported issue occurred to gain better understanding of the situation, and consults with the staff on diverse issues related to patient safety. The information so gathered is discussed by the Analysis Subcommittee and the Risk Management Committee to find ways to improve the organizational system and to introduce countermeasures to prevent severe accidents from happening. Such countermeasures are shared at Risk Manager Meetings, where all those in charge of patient safety in their respective departments participate, and subsequently to the staff. Particularly important information is also shared via the internal website, emails addressed to all staff members, and posters to ensure thorough awareness. To make sure that the countermeasures are implemented and to verify their viability on site, a Medical Safety Management Center Round is conducted monthly. The center also works to improve the non-technical skills of faculty and staff to foster a culture of safety by, for example, producing a pocket-sized manual for patient safety, preparing e-learning material, and holding patient safety seminars. Moreover, the center is also in charge of surveying all cases of death within the hospital and reporting them to the Director, dealing with the audit committee on patient safety in the hospital, and carrying out the mutual peer review among advanced treatment hospitals. It works in close coordination with related departments such as the Department of Highly Advanced Novel Medical Technologies Evaluation and the Department of Unapproved New Drugs and Medical Devices Evaluation to perform activities for providing high-level and high-quality healthcare in a safe manner.

Tomotaka Yamamoto

Tomotaka Yamamoto


Medical Safety Managemnet Center, Labor Safety and Health Management Office, Office of Performance Monitoring


M.D. , Ph.D.



Research Interests

Clinical Neurology, Quality and Safety in Hospital Practice


Japanese, English

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