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Legal and Compliance Office

The Legal and Compliance Office specializes in ensuring that the operations of the hospital comply with laws and regulations. It provides legal advice on all aspects of the hospital’s activities and supports proper and efficient hospital management.


Advanced treatment hospitals are required to establish a “system to ensure that the execution of the duties of the relevant administrator complies with laws and regulations” (Article 19-2, item iii of the Medical Care Act). Since 2018, a full-time in-house lawyer has been responsible for legal and compliance functions such as legal consultation within the hospital and for developing systems in accordance with revisions to laws and regulations. In order to further expand this function, the Legal and Compliance Office was established in April 2021 as an independent organization within the hospital. It provides legal support for proper and efficient hospital management by collaborating with the Legal Affairs Group of the General Affairs Department of The University of Tokyo and departments of the hospital.


The office is staffed by a Manager (Deputy Director in charge of compliance), Deputy Manager (in-house lawyer), and administrative staff.


  1. Advising on how to comply with various laws and regulations to which the hospital is subject.
  2. Advising on the establishment, amendment, and repeal of hospital regulations.
  3. Advising on legal issues related to the execution of contracts and other activities of the hospital.
  4. Handling of compliance cases.
  5. Other matters related to legal support and promotion of compliance in the hospital.

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