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Labor Safety and Health Management Office

As The University of Tokyo was incorporated as a national university corporation in 2004, the laws and regulations applicable to its employees changed. To respond to this change, the Office for Health and Safety (now Division for Environment, Health and Safety) was set up in the university, and accordingly, the Labor Safety and Health Management Office was also established in the University of Tokyo Hospital.


This Management Office is responsible for all workplaces in the hospital including research laboratories and medical treatment areas. It manages the occupational safety and health to prevent industrial accidents and health impairments from occurring and to ensure the safety and well-being of faculty and staff. The office seeks to find and solve issues related to safety and health in the working environment through workplace inspections. It puts particular effort into establishing a system to properly manage hazardous chemical agents and toxic wastes, and into promoting the proper management of workplaces through working environment measurements based on regulations, in order to prevent health impairments caused by hazardous and toxic chemical substances. In addition, the office also cooperates with other departments on preventing exposure to anticancer drugs and on managing radioactive materials. Through such activities, the office aims to create a workplace environment where all employees can work safely, comfortably, and with peace of mind.

Tomotaka Yamamoto

Tomotaka Yamamoto


Medical Safety Managemnet Center, Labor Safety and Health Management Office, Office of Performance Monitoring


M.D. , Ph.D.



Research Interests

Clinical Neurology, Quality and Safety in Hospital Practice


Japanese, English

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