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Hospitality Center

The Hospitality Center supports the acquisition of the mindset and skills required for providing excellent service

What is hospitality in the context of medical care?

A pleasant visit by the patient or the family can lead to the building of trust, and hence to an improved efficacy of the treatment. Medical care being a team effort, the trust among the staff is, needless to say, equally important. We regard the communication skills required for that as hospitality, and are currently engaged in the “Thank You Movement” among the staff members.


  • 1) We aim to be a role model for all Japanese hospitals, not just in terms of our standard of care but also for our quality of service.
  • 2) We will ensure that we make our patients comfortable and provide effective treatment.

We will strive to create a patient service protocol that reflects the hospital’s mission to provide “safe, comfortable, and compassionate medical treatment”.

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