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Hospitality Center

The Hospitality Center supports the acquisition of the mindset and skills necessary to provide better hospitality at the hospital.

What is hospitality in medicine?

It is a way of caring and interacting so that patients and their families can feel at ease during their visit and staff members can build trust among each other. Hospitality in medicine is an important foundation for improving the quality of medical care and promoting team medicine.

The aims of the Hospitality Center

  • 1. Let us become a model for Japanese hospitals not only in terms of the high standard of medical care but also in terms of hospitality.
  • 2. Let us make patients feel comfortable in the hospital leading them to effective treatment.

In order to achieve the above objectives, the center aims to create a working environment based on the mutual respect not only with patients but also among the staff with “make hospitality our culture” as the key phrase, where gratitude for one another’s work empowers all employees to fully demonstrate their abilities.


Through the following five initiatives, the center aims to further improve the hospitality at the hospital by making employees aware of the importance of hospitality, including their appearance and greetings.

1. Hospitality Standard Book

Distributed to all employees to share the ideas of hospitality at the University of Tokyo Hospital.

2. Internal Website of the Hospitality Center

The website shares the contents of the Hospitality Standard Book, the status of Hospitality Rounds, and activity reports.

3. Hospitality e-learning

Available for all employees to learn how to interact with others in various situations and to familiarize themselves with the hospital rules.

4. Hospitality seminars

A place to learn the mindsets and skills of hospitality.

5. Multi-disciplinary Hospitality Rounds

A place for moving from understanding to implementing, and to check the current status, recognize achievements, and listen to feedback.

In addition, by supporting the staff reward system (The University of Tokyo Hospital Award) and participating in the Patient Consultation and Service Improvement Committee, the center is working with all staff and all professions to create a better environment.

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