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General Education Center

The General Education Center provides postgraduate education for physicians and dentists, services associated with specialized training for physicians, and various training for staffs of the Hospital in cooperation with other departments.


In line with the Hospital principle of “the fostering of outstanding medical professionals,” the Center plans training programs, coordinates training activities in various fields, and appraises training outcomes.

Training programs

Mandatory initial training for doctors

Since fiscal 2004, initial training has become mandatory for all rookie doctors. In response to this requirement, the Center handles a full range of activity related to training, including the recruitment of interns, the creation of training programs, coordination with cooperating hospitals, and the arrangement of rotation schedules.

Specialized training for doctors

The Center creates post-internship training programs, recruits interns, etc.

Training for nurses

The Center plans and implements training programs not only for new nurses but also continuing training for experienced nurses.

Informational sessions about the hospital for students

As part of the effort to recruit interns, the Center organizes informational sessions and on-site tours for the medical students several times a year.

Lectures for supervising doctors

The Center provides training programs to help supervising doctors acquire the knowledge and develop the qualities required for leaders. These programs are also open to doctors on staff at cooperating hospitals.

Lectures for palliative care

This lecture is aimed to acquire the skills and knowledge for caring patients having cancer. The students come from either inside and outside the Hospital.

Promotion of training medical personnel in response to the advancement of medical practice

We hold lectures for all medical personnel in the university hospitals in Japan to advance their medical qualities.

Development field medical support creation of a new educational program

We develop the educational programs to create medical personnel who fill the gap among the present medical job fields.

Target participants

The Center understands its mission to provide training to all staff of the University of Tokyo. We especially hope to serve as a source of encouraging support for interns.


Tasukigake (cross-diagonal) training system

A training system involving many cooperating hospitals has produced effective results and the Center is proud of being the first to apply this system.

Clinical Skills Laboratory (simulator)

The Clinical Skills Laboratory is available for students, interns, nurses, and all other staff who wish to acquire various skills such as emergency medical care and medical interviews.

Training / supports

The Center is determined to provide the highest level of support to enable staff to receive lifelong learning so that they can grow into better medical professionals. Personal interviews for interns are also available to discuss individual concerns and to provide more detailed instruction and support.

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