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Department of Hospital Planning and Management

The Department of Hospital Planning and Management was established as an organization of hospital management support in order to smoothly carry out the duties of the executives.


1. Business management and strategy planning

The Department is responsible for business management and strategy planning. It also provides assistance to the hospital executive team. More specifically, its activities include budget planning, regular financial management, establishment of business management indices, planning for improved management, and coordination within the organization.

2. Liaison

The team proposes and supports joint research projects that make it possible for the hospital to obtain external funding. The team proposes and supports 2 foundation: “The University of Tokyo Hospital Foundation” to improve hospital services, and “University of Tokyo Hospital Medical Town Fund” to make healthy society.

3. Recommendations on government health policies

In recent years, the public has expressed concern about the type of medical care that university hospitals are expected to provide, systems for providing that medical care, and the system of payment for medical services. The University Hospital provides policy recommendations on these issues via hospital organizations, and the Department of Hospital Planning and Management helps prepare these recommendations.

4. Hospital Redevelopment

Three redevelopment projects in the hospital area are currently in progress: the Ward II (Inpatient Bldg. B), the Clinical Research Bldg., and Molecular & Life Innovation Build. (completion) These projects are to enrich the functions and systems of medical care, clinical research and medical education. The Department aims to adjust opinions between related organizations and business operators, while cooperating with the Office of Procurement and Facility Management.

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