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Department of Disaster Medical Management

The Department of Disaster Medical Management has taken a focused interest in the ways of thinking that were born out of the practices in disaster medical assistance activities to establish it as the field of Disaster Medical Management Studies, and aims to become a model for effectively delivering medical care to disaster victims for any future large-scale disasters.


In the light of past disaster medical assistance activities, we propose the concept of “disaster medical management” for comprehensively managing everything from emergency medical care to mid to long term healthcare and prevention activities for large-scale disasters. We aim to establish the ways of thinking that were born out of practice as a field of study, and to develop specialized healthcare professionals that can take charge of this field. Our goal is to create a framework for bringing together and link the knowledge and skills of specialists from the different diagnosis and treatment divisions, as well as from fields such as geriatric care, care for traumatic stress, infectious diseases, nursing, pharmaceutics, examination depar tments, clerical and logistical work, IT, and prehospital emergency medical care systems.


We formulate and implement training related to disaster area suppor t and handling of disasters in hospitals, implement an efficient operation of comprehensive support in preparation for disasters, and communicate the results of scholarly scrutiny and analysis of disaster cases in and out of Japan. We also assume the role of establishing the methodology for developing human resources for managing disaster medical care. We provide leadership training for diverse professions including physicians and nurses, and contribute to staff training and education for students around the country.

Kent Doi

Kent Doi


Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, Critical Care and Emergency Medical Center/ER, Department of Intensive Care Unit, Department of Medical Engineering, Department of Disaster Medical Management


M.D., Ph.D.


Critical care medicine, Emergency medicine, Nephrology

Research Interests

Sepsis, Multiple organ failure, Acute kidney injury, Blood purification



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