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Clinical Simulation Center

The Clinical Simulation Center works on the development of advanced medical professionals who will be responsible for the future of medicine through simulation-based medical education. It is also responsible for the development and dissemination of innovative medical education courses that utilize digital technologies through a collaboration among medicine, engineering and industry.


From the standpoint of patient safety and training ef ficiency, emphasis is being placed on simulation-based medical education in various simulated environments that mimic actual medical settings for all medical professions, from pre- and post-graduate training to the acquisition of specialized clinical skills. Moreover, simulation-based medical education is regarded as a highly useful method to supplement conventional on-site education. Through simulation-based medical education, the center consistently works on fostering advanced medical professionals who will lead the future of medicine. In addition to contributing to achieving advanced and safe medical care at the hospital and in society, the center also aims to lead a collaboration among medicine, engineering and industry to develop innovative digital learning materials, educational equipment, and educational courses, which can then be put into effect in society.

Training facilities

  • Simulation room : Fitted with various simulators, it enables training in basic medical procedures such as venous (blood) sampling, peripheral venous catheter inser tion (indwelling needle), arterial puncture, subcutaneous injection, intramuscular injection, echo-guided central venous catheter insertion, thoracentesis, tracheal intubation, skin suturing, abdominal echo, and echocardiography.
  • First aid space : Enables training in life-saving procedures (ICLS, BLS, ACLS). There is also a pipe unit that makes it possible to perform oxygen inhalation and suction.
  • Simulated patient room : A simulation room that replicates an actual hospital room (four beds) with a permanently installed full-body patient simulator.

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