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Center for Liaison and Public Relations

The Center for Liaison and Public Relations carries out a variety of activities with the aim to deepen the relationship with society and to improve medical literacy by proactively sharing information regarding efforts made by The University of Tokyo Hospital.


The Center for Liaison and Public Relations performs operations such as PR planning, sharing of information, and building relationships with the media. To widely convey the hospital’s efforts and research achievements to the public, it responds to media requests from in and out of Japan, produces press releases, and holds press conferences and media gatherings. It also manages the hospital’s website, which is proactively used to share information. Moreover, the Center regularly publishes the PR magazine “The University of Tokyo Hospital News” so that the patients and the public can get to know the hospital more intimately. It also handles contacts from medical, research, and educational institutions in Japan, as well as from visitors from around the world.

Yutaka Osuga

Yutaka Osuga


Gynecologic Surgery




Reproductive medicine, laparoscopic surgery, assisted reproductive technology

Research Interests

Pathogenesis and management of endometriosis, Ovarian physiology/ pathology


Japanese / English

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