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Administration Department

The Administration comprises seven departments that are loosely connected to one another so that staff can deal with various issues flexibly regardless of which department or team they belong to. Aiming at speedy and smooth management, the entire Administration cooperates closely with hospital management departments and management support systems.

General Affairs Group

The General Affairs Group oversees the overall administration of the hospital and has a wide range of duties including the establishment, revision, and abolition of hospital organizations, holding of major meetings, public relations activities, legal and compliance af fairs, crisis management, and the management of resident acceptance and training programs. It also organizes conferences and training programs for universities throughout Japan.

Labor and Personnel Group

The Labor and Personnel Group is responsible for a wide range of duties, including labor and payroll affairs for more than 4,000 faculty and staff members, welfare services such as management of mutual aid associations and daycare centers, and occupational safety and health services. In addition to these tasks, the group is also engaged in promoting work style reforms with the aim of achieving a comfortable working environment for faculty and staff.

Procurement and Facility Management Group

The Office of Procurement and Facility Management is in charge of purchasing drugs and medical supplies at the hospital and managing how they are being used through the SPD (supply, processing and distribution) system. In addition, it is responsible for overseeing purchasing contracts for large-scale medical equipment, paying remuneration and travel expenses, as well maintaining the hospital’s facilities and equipment overall.

Management Strategy Group

The Office of Management Planning carries out financial simulations, formulates mid to long-term plans for managing the hospital, and promotes diverse activities to improve management as a means to appropriately sustain the financial management of the hospital.

Research Support Group

In order to carry out research which is one of the most important roles of university hospitals, the Office of Research Support helps with application procedures for those seeking private, government, and other research funding, as well as administrative procedures to do with the management of research funds. It also coordinates with the hospital’s Clinical Research Support Center to provide administrative support to ensure that clinical research is being implemented properly.

Medical Management Group

As an office at the forefront of supporting the administrative work for the hospital’s medical service, the Of fice of Medical Management takes care of operations related to inpatient/outpatient/central care, medical safety, coordination of local healthcare, patient support, and the management and storage of medical records.

Medical Accounting Group

As an office at the forefront of supporting the administrative work for the hospital’s medical service, the Of fice of Medical Accounting carries out operations related to the calculation of medical costs of inpatient/outpatient care, the production of medical certificates, invoicing for medical service fees, medical statistics, and registrations/applications with organizations such as the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, and health departments.

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