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Department of Healthcare Information Management

This section takes a responsibility of properly keeping health records, documents and X-ray films both for inpatients and outpatients, and, if necessary, of providing clinical information of patients to clinical departments in UTH. This section attempts to contribute to activities of UTH by providing any service to all medical staff in UTH who wishes to use health records for clinical, research and education purposes.

Management and responsibilities

The Department consists of the medical information management unit and the planning coordination unit (part of the Department of Hospital Planning and Management). In addition to the procurement, development, introduction, and operation of hospital information systems with a medical information system as the core, the Department has introduced an electronic medical record system and other systems to promote the digitalization of medical treatment information. Based on strategic hospital-wide information management and analysis, the Department provides support for overall hospital management. It is also responsible for making medium and long-term management plans, and supporting and coordinating the implementation of these plans. More specifically, its activities include medical treatment data digitalization through the introduction of an electronic ordering and medical record system, the unified management of hospital information, including medical treatment and management data, and the analysis of hospital management and support for the development of management strategies using the unified hospital information.

Scope of hospital information management unit activities

Operation, management, development of instructions, and supervision of the operation of hospital information management systems such as the electronic medical record system, in-hospital training on issues concerning digitization, education for privacy protection, other daily administrative activities associated with the operation of various hospital information management systems, activities relating to the review of the specifications of various hospital information management systems, collection of documents and data concerning management analysis.

Scope of planning coordination unit activities

As part of the Department of Hospital Planning and Management, the unit is responsible for the analysis of hospital management information, analysis of strategic management accounting, research and education on hospital management analysis methods, support for the preparation of documents concerning investigation, analysis and statistics relating to hospital revenue such as medical service fees and settlement of accounts, support for the preparation of documents concerning investigation, analysis and reports relating to management improvement plans, communication and coordination with relevant departments and divisions involved in future plans for the hospital.

Education and research

Training for medical information system managers, protection of personal information, standardization of medical information, expressions and processor medical knowledge, terms and concepts, development of a knowledge processing system, development of a medical safety management information system, etc.

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