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BioResource Center

With the aim of promoting genomic medicine and research in our hospital, the BioResource Center collects, stores, and manages biospecimens and related information for medical research across departments and divisions.


The University of Tokyo Hospital strives every day to provide the best possible diagnosis and treatment for patients with various diseases. It also conducts medical research to develop new diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive methods for diseases that are difficult to diagnose and treat.
Patients undergoing treatment for cancer and other diseases at the hospital are asked to give their consent to participate in research, so that their blood, a portion of the tissue removed in surgery, and medical information may be collected. The collected blood and tissues are stored and managed appropriately by the center and are used for medical research that contributes to the development of medicine.


Faculty members from the Department of Genomic Medicine, Department of Pathology, Department of Laboratory Medicine, and Department of Planning and Information Management are participating in this project.


Biospecimens such as blood, urine, and parts of surgically removed tissues and medical information of patients who have given their consent to participate in research are collected, stored, and managed by the center. These specimens are provided for medical research that has been reviewed and approved by the Utilization Committee of the BioResource Center and the Ethics Committee of the University of Tokyo Faculty of Medicine (no personally identifiable information is given to the researchers). A list of research for which biospecimens are provided can be found on the BioResource Center’s website. In addition, the center helps making research plans and consent forms and stores them properly.

Tetsuo Ushiku

Tetsuo Ushiku


Pathology, BioResource Center


M.D. , Ph.D.


Gastrointestinal pathology

Research Interests

The pathology and molecular biology of gastrointestinal tumor


Japanese, English

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