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Rehabilitation Medicine

The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, in cooperation with the Rehabilitation Center, provides comprehensive medical care for patients with various functional and other disorders affecting their daily activities, from alleviation of those disorders to support for social rehabilitation. Treatment programs, including functional training and instruction for daily life activities, vary according to individual needs. The department only accepts patients on an outpatient basis.

Medical services

A team of physiatrists, nurses, clinical psychologists, physical therapists (PTs), occupational therapists (OTs), speech therapists (STs), acupuncturists, and other staff provides medical services on an outpatient basis.

Diagnosis and treatment policy

Outpatient rehabilitation aiming at functional recovery and maintenance is provided to achieve individualized patient goals within a certain period of time following discharge from our hospital. The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine also evaluates the severity of disorders in patients referred to our department from other hospitals and provides consultations.


General rehabilitation facilities and programs are available for cerebrovascular disease, motor organs, respiratory organs, cardiovascular disease, malignancy, psychiatric occupational therapy, and psychiatric day care (full day/half day). The department provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy for patients with cerebrovascular diseases, physical therapy before and after orthopedic surgery, physical and occupational therapy for patients with neurodegenerative disease, physical therapy for patients with peripheral arterial disease and after limb amputation, occupational therapy for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, orthotic therapy for various diseases, exercise therapy after myocardial infarction, physical therapy for patients with respiratory failure, occupational therapy for patients with psychiatric disorder, acupuncture and moxibustion treatment for pain relief and various disorders, prescription for and adjustment of prostheses, orthoses, and wheel chairs and conservative treatment for lymphedoma.

Target diseases

Cerebral stroke, bone and joint diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, etc.), postsurgical treatments, neuromuscular diseases (Parkinson’s disease, etc.), chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, myocardial infarction and other respiratory and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, limb amputation, cerebral palsy and other pediatric disorders, geriatric syndromes, schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders

Advanced treatments/ Specialized treatments

  • Pediatric rehabilitation
  • Psychiatric day hospital
  • Acupuncture and moxibustion treatments
  • Team approach for limb malformations
  • Botulinum toxin in spasticity treatment

Frequently performed tests

  • Muscle power test (versatile muscle strength assessment device)
  • Posturography (balance assessment)
  • Motion analysis (3D motion analyzer)
  • Plantar pressure measurement
  • Cardiopulmonary exercise stress test
  • Assessment of higher brain dysfunction
Toru Ogata

Toru Ogata


Rehabilitation Medicine, Rehabilitation Center


M.D., Ph.D.


Spinal cord injury, Musculoskeletal rehabilitation, Assisstive technology

Research Interests

Biomarker for neurological disorders, Physical activity monitoring, Health promotion for persons with disabilities


Japanese, English

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Numbers of therapy sessions performed in this department and units

  Inpatient Outpatient Total
Rehabilitation for cerebral diseases Number of sessions 18,019 2,814 20,833
(Units) (32,199) (6,501) (38,700)
Rehabilitation for motor functions Number of sessions 13,581 1,708 15,289
(Units) (19,246) (2,556) (21,802)
Rehabilitation for respiratory functions Number of sessions 6,600 33 6,633
(Units) (7,952) (35) (7,987)
Rehabilitation for circulatory functions Number of sessions 7,311 1,211 8,522
(Units) (9,465) (3,402) (12,867)
Cancer rehabilitation Number of sessions 505 0 505
  (Units) 594 0 594
Feeding therapy 177 0 177
Psychiatric occupational therapy 1,725 2,477 4,172
Psychiatric day-care services 0 6,061 6,061
Non-insurance-covered acupuncture therapy 0 1,811 1,811
Total 48,512 16,085 58,627


Department-specific treatment methods

Number of prostheses

Artificial limbs, prosthetic devices, and wheelchairs: newly prescribed: 78; temporary and final fitting: 123; and repair: 84 (2013)

Acupuncture therapy

Non-insurance-covered therapy sessions performed in the Division of Physical Therapy: 1,800(2014)

Number of rehabilitation sessions performed in each medical department:

Name of department Number
1 Orthopedic Surgery and Spinal Surgery 11,584
2 Cardiovascular Medicine 4,718
3 Neurology 4,390
4 Neurosurgery 3,226
5 Cardiovascular Surgery 3,218
6 Pediatrics 2,320
7 Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery 2,022
8 Geriatric Medicine
9 Allergy and Rheumatology 1,671
10 Hematology 1,543
Others 14,192
Total 51,277


Psychiatric Day-time Hospital (outpatient services for registered patients)

Mean monthly number of patients: 28; and annual number of therapy sessions: 6,000(2014)

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