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Recovery Center/Department of Neuropsychiatry


In many cases of depression or depressive states, standard outpatient therapies do not lead to sufficient functional recoveries, and it is hence believed that a certain period of rehabilitation is necessary. The recovery center carries out 3 days per week (half day) group work that combines physical activities (agricultural tasks and various exercises) and psychotherapies (cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness) based on the philosophy of co-production, where members and staff members of diverse professions collaborate to produce and run the programs.

Program examples

  • Agricultural tasks
    Participants carry out all procedures from land cultivation, to soil preparation, cropping, and harvesting, with everyone being involved in the discussions at every stage. We also hold a tasting of harvested vegetables with all participants.
  • Group cognitive behavioral therapy
    Participants become aware about the thinking and behaviors that sustain problems and difficulties, learn the methods to change them, then put them into practice.
  • Mindfulness
    It enables participants to nurture a flexible mind by enhancing the awareness of the sensations, thoughts, and emotions of the “here and now.”

Target diseases

Patients presenting with anxiety or depression due to psychiatric conditions such as depressive disorders.
*Participation requires the consent of the primary physician.

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