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Department of Clinical Genomics

The Department of Clinical Genomics practices genetic medicine with a cross-sectoral approach, enabled by the participation of related departments, in order to respond to a wide variety of clinical needs in genetic medicine.


With advances in genomic medicine, there is an increasing number of consultations about preventive and therapeutic interventions based on the results of genetic testing, in addition to more conventional genetic counseling and consultations related to health care for genetic disorders. The department was established as a cross-functional organization spanning all departments, in order to respond to diverse requests from patients, their families, or from inside and outside the hospital. With the affiliation of physicians (clinical geneticists) from multiple departments, who are well versed in genetic issues, and together with certified genetic counsellors, it aims to smoothly perform genomic diagnosis and treatment for cancer, intractable diseases, and genetic disorders. In addition to organizing an expert meeting in cancer genomic medicine, it also provides diagnoses of genetic diseases, information on health management, and consultations regarding hereditary issues, with the collaboration of the Genomic Research Support Center. Regular conferences are held within the depar tment to actively discuss various cases.

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