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Cleft Lip and Palate Center/Department of Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery and Orthodontics

Overview / Medical services

The Clef t Lip and Palate Center was established with the aim of treating congenital morphological abnormalities of the mouth, jaw, and face, such as cleft lift and palate. The center carries out treatment that is considerate of the feelings of the patients and their families through a team of surgeons and specialists such as dentists, orthodontists, speech-language-hearing therapists, nurses, dental technicians, and dental hygienists.

Areas of expertise

Pre-natal counselling, post-natal care, surgery of the lips (cheiloplasty), surgery of the palate (palatoplasty), speech therapy, surgery of the alveolar ridge (alveolar bone graft), orthodontic treatment, jaw form surgery (orthognathic surgery), correction of the lips and nose (for adolescents), etc. We also put effort in regenerative medicine. We have developed three-dimensional regenerated cartilages that can be used for nose correction (for adolescents) for the first time in the world. We will be able to provide this to many patients once it is approved by the government.

Target diseases

Other than cleft lip and palate, the center provides treatment for branchial arch syndrome (Treacher-Collins syndrome, Pierre Robin syndrome), craniosynostosis, macroglossia, vascular malformation (hemangioma, lymphangioma), tumors, etc. We treat all forms of conditions that present congenital morphological abnormalities in the mouth, teeth, jaw, and the face. Please feel free to consult us about such issues as we engage with medical treatment in a way that we can provide any form of treatment or advice from the pre-natal stages to adults.

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