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Center for AYA/Department of Neuropsychiatry


The so-called AYA (Adolescent and Young Adult) generation, which mainly consists of people in their teens and twenties (but sometimes includes a broader age bracket) are in an important stage of life when they go through growth and self-realization as they forge broader social relationships beyond their family and close friends, and have a range of formative experiences. This means that they deal with significant psychological hurdles as they tackle new challenges, making this generation particularly susceptible to mental disorders. When adolescents and young adults suffer severe mental disorders during this period, it may prevent them from taking their desired path and may even strip them of their confidence and feelings of hope. The center for AYA provides comprehensive treatment and assistance by discussing with each patient and by taking the unique characteristics of this age group into careful consideration.

Medical services

We offer both outpatient and inpatient treatment. A multidisciplinary team that includes psychiatrist, nurse, clinical psychologist, occupational therapist, psychiatric social worker, and peer support worker coordinate together to provide treatment. We also coordinate with other institutions when necessary.


Patients in their teens and twenties who has mental disorders.

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