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Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

Department of Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine provides a comprehensive approach to emergency care and intensive care. We treat all the patients who come to the outpatient clinic due to sudden injury or illness, burns, or poisoning, as well as patients with severe conditions such as multiple organ failure after major surgery or life-threatening conditions. In addition, we have a role in the operation of the Disaster Medical Management Department (DMM), which aims to provide medical specialists in “disaster medical management,” the comprehensive management from emergency medical care to mid- to long-term health care activities in the event of a large-scale disaster.

Medical services

The Emergency Center/ER has emergency imaging (CT, XR) and three initial treatment rooms, as well as dedicated consultation rooms for internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, and dentistry. The ER is also equipped with dedicated examination rooms for critical care intensive care beds. There is also an EICU (8 beds) in the Inpatient Unit B for intensive care of critically ill patients, and an emergency ward (12 beds) for emergency admission and follow-up care. The Intensive Care Unit includes ICU1 (16 beds) for patients undergoing major cardiac surgery, transplantation, and severe cardiovascular diseases, and ICU2 (18 beds) for postoperative management of high-risk patients. In both depar tments, staf f from this department and related departments work together to provide constant medical care.

Treatment policy

The Emergency Center/ER aims to provide advanced medical care for all patients who require urgent treatment according to their condition. In the Intensive Care Unit, treatment plans are determined at the ICU conference held every morning, and treatment strategies are based on clinical evidences.


The Emergency Center/ER takes care of all emergency medical conditions. Our specialty is the treatment of shock and disturbance of consciousness regardless of the cause. The Intensive Care Department specializes in multidisciplinary treatment using mechanical ventilation, acute blood purification, assisted circulation, and various monitoring devices.

Target illness/injury

Var ious types of shock, disturbance of consciousness, seizure, severe cerebrovascular diseases, multiple trauma, cardiopulmonary arrest, drug poisoning, sepsis, multiple organ failure, severe respiratory failure, severe heart failure, postoperative major cardiovascular surgery, postoperative transplantation management, etc.

Kent Doi

Kent Doi


Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, Critical Care and Emergency Medical Center/ER, Department of Intensive Care Unit, Department of Medical Engineering, Department of Disaster Medical Management


M.D., Ph.D.


Critical care medicine, Emergency medicine, Nephrology

Research Interests

Sepsis, Multiple organ failure, Acute kidney injury, Blood purification



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