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Department of Pharmacy

In compliance with the hospital mission, Department of Pharmacy contributes to the team approach to patient-oriented medical care and provides high-quality pharmaceutical services to meet diversified clinical needs as the results of changes in social circumstances and the progress of medical sciences.

Medical services

The division dispenses oral medications and injections. Pharmacists contribute to various kinds of pharmaceutical services, such as supporting medicine prescription, medication counseling and managing medications, in all of the inpatients’ wards. Members of the staff from the division also participate in Palliative Care Consultation Team, Infection Control Team, Antimicrobial Stewardship Team, Nutrition Support Team, and providing chemotherapy for outpatients.

Management policy

To promote the proper use of drugs and serve as important members of the medical care team, members of the staff in different jobs within the division cooperate with one another and to handle diversified jobs from a comprehensive perspective. The division also contributes to risk management from the pharmacist’s point of view. In addition, pharmacists conduct clinical researches based on pharmaceutical perspective to establish new evidences to clinical practice.


  • Measurement and analysis of blood concentrations of drugs
  • Analysis and prediction of drug interactions
  • Medication design for patients on dialysis
Tappei Takada

Tappei Takada


Department of Pharmacy




Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacy

Research Interests

Clinical Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacokinetics, Lifestyle-related Diseases and Transporters


Japanese / English

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