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Perioperative Assessment and Care Center

The medical staff of the Perioperative Assessment and Care Center gives detailed information to each individual person undergoing a surgery, providing perioperative care and patient support so to allow anyone to receive a safe and secure operations in his/her best physical and mental conditions.


The Perioperative Assessment and Care Center (PACC) is one of the relatively new departments of the Central Clinical Services Administration that was set up in October 2015. The Center not only seeks to achieve high-level of healthcare standards worthy of a university hospital, but also aims to provide high-quality of surgical services that satisfy patients.


In 2019, the philosophy was set to “contribute to the good prognosis of all patients involved in surgical care”. PACC has conducted preoperative consultations for almost all scheduled surgeries involving anesthesiologists. In recent years, there has been an increase in surgeries for people of advanced age, or who are already undergoing treatment for several diseases. PACC aims to make surgery truly safe and secure for patients with greater peace of mind by beginning a risk assessment for the whole body and perioperative care prior to admission to the hospital. With each individual patient coming into surgery in the optimal physical and mental conditions, the risk of postoperative complications can be managed and leads to a more efficient and smooth practice of surgical care. Moreover, the PACC implements multi-disciplinary cooperation so that patient support can be provided seamlessly and scrupulously from before hospitalization to the eventual discharge.

Kanji Uchida

Kanji Uchida


Anesthesiology and Pain Relief Center


M.D., Ph.D.


Anesthesiology, Critical care medicine, Respiratory care, Operative medicine, Pain medicine

Research Interests

Acute lung injury, Mechanical ventilation, Immune function in critically ill, Mechanism of general anesthesia, Modulation of pain


Japanese / English

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