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Nursing Department

Nursing Department is staffed by more than 1,400 nurses and midwives. We provide care for about 1,200 inpatients and 3,000 outpatients per day.


  • To provide the proper nursing care for patients
  • To train highly competent professionals
  • To aim at the development of nursing and medicine

Our efforts

The University of Tokyo Hospital is an advanced care hospital that provides acute and advanced medical care. It is for this reason that our nursing department believes in the importance of increasing the human power of healing with “nursing that enhances patients’ vitality.” To this end, our depar tment is committed to enhancing the ethical awareness of nursing staff and practicing “nursing that looks closely, touches, and thinks,” based on professional knowledge and skills.

Educational system for improving ability in nursing practice

Judgment based on good knowledge and evidence, accurate nursing skills, and high ethics are very important in patient care. Seven nurses engaged in nursing education and the nurses in charge of education in each nursing unit leads learning of more than 1,400 nurses. The carrier ladder system supports active learning and development of nurses from beginners to experts. The online training tool “Nursing Skills Japan” supervised by the Department has been used as teaching materials.

Building excellent multidisciplinary working relationships and provides the optimal medical treatment to patients as a team

Medical treatment at university hospitals consists of not only doctors and nurses, but also includes a wide variety of medical professions and occupations that support the medical care of patients. In addition to maximizing the expertise of each profession and providing the optimal medical treatment to each individual patient, we proactively utilize a variety of multi-disciplinary approaches that take full advantage of the personality and characteristics that are unique to a university hospital.

Proactive approach to nursing research

We are committed to promoting nursing research in earnest, one of the roles of university hospitals. In the carrier laddar system, nurses will learn the nursing research step by step, supported by Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS), Certified Nurses (CN), nurses with master’s degree working in the hospital, nurse managers, and teaching staff in the School of Nursing, the University of Tokyo.

Yukie Takemura

Yukie Takemura


Nursing Department


R.N., P.H.N., Ph.D, C.N.A.


Nursing Management

Research Interests

Organizational development, Career development, Healthy work environment



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