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Department of Corneal Transplantation

The Department of Corneal Transplantation provides medical and surgical care for diseases of the cornea and conjunctiva.

Medical services

Corneal specialists from the Department of Ophthalmology provide care for the patients with disease of the cornea and conjunctiva.

Diagnosis and treatment policy

The corneal teams carefully discuss and review each case at conference everyday after clinic.



Diagnosis and treatment of bacteria, fungi, herpes, amoeba and various other pathogen infection in anterior segment of the eye

Hereditary corneal disease (corneal dystrophy)

Corneal transplant is performed for severe corneal opacity due to hereditary corneal disease.

Dry eye syndrome

According to the severity, topical dry eye reagents, punctal plugs and punctal ablation are performed.

Corneal damage after ophthalmic surgery

The cornea may be damaged after ophthalmic surgery. Corneal transplantation is performed in cases with irreversible corneal edema (bullous keratopahy) after surgery.

Corneal ulcer, perforation

Treatment along their pathophysiology is selected. Emergency surgery is also performed in cases with corneal perforation.


The special hard contact lenses, corneal cross linking, and corneal transplantation are performed according to the severity.


Using flap transplantation, we take careful observation to prevent recurrence.

Allergic disease

Patients with vernal keratoconjunctivitis and other serious conditions are treated with topical immunesupressive reagents and papilla resection

Cataract operation in corneal opacity

The cataract operation is performed in cases with corneal opacity using chandelier retroillumination.

Makoto Aihara

Makoto Aihara


Ophthalmology, Department of Corneal Transplantation


M.D., Ph.D


Glaucoma, Neurobiochemistry, Ocular Pharmacology

Research Interests

・the analysis of the risk factor activating glaucoma

・the study of the surgical outcomes of glaucoma

・the elucidation to the pathology of increasing intraocular pressure through bioactive lipids

・the development of new drops for glaucoma


Japanese, English

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