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Clinical Laboratory

Clinical Laboratory, one of the central clinical facilities, is in charge of specimen and physiological tests for outpatients and inpatients of the University Hospital.

Medical services

Clinical laboratory physicians and technologists cooperate with one another to perform tests, provide education and training, and conduct studies for the following divisions in line with our motto, “Service, Coordination, and Progress.”

Specimen test division

The blood collection room and clinical laboratories were renovated in FY2020. An advanced comprehensive Laboratory Automation System has been introduced to this division, which includes Phlebotomy Station, Thrombosis & Hemostasis Tests, Blood Sugar Tests, Emergency Tests, Clinical Chemistry Tests, Referral Laboratory Tests, Hematological Tests, Immunological Tests, Research Area for Corporate Relations, Genetic Testing and Urinaysis & Body Fluid Tests.

Physiological test division

ECG, cardiac/vascular/neck/abdominal/pelvic/mammary ultrasonography, respiratory function, EEG/EMG, sensory function

Management policy

The mission of the Department of Clinical Laboratory is to provide accurate clinical laboratory data that serve as the basis for diagnoses to maintain the high quality of medical services offered by the University Hospital. The department strives to maintain its ability to provide prompt and accurate test results. The Laboratory is also expected to conduct research that leads to the introduction of new test methods, allowing doctors to provide state-of-the-art medical treatment. As an example, a next-generation sequencer was introduced into the clinical genetic laboratory to put in place a system that will make it possible to fully conduct cancer multi-gene panel testing within the hospital. Training programs that help researchers acquire expertise, allowing them to contribute to the development of laboratory medicine in the future, are also provided. Being accredited under ISO 15189 “Medical laboratories - Requirements for quality and competence”, the Laboratory aims to continue providing high-quality services as a clinical test lab and contributing to the standardization and sharing of test data on a global basis through this management system. In addition, the Department of Clinical Laboratory is also in charge of the maintenance of laboratory testing devices, including accuracy control, in the area of specimen tests (blood gas analysis, etc.) that are performed in the entire hospital, so to ensure their accurate measurements. Moreover, it also supplies staff to the P1 Unit of the Clinical Research Promotion Center and The University of Tokyo Health Service Center.

Makoto Kurano

Makoto Kurano


Clinical Laboratory


M.D., Ph.D.


Clinical laboratory medicine, clinical chemistry, Urinalysis, dyslipidemia

Research Interests

Bioactive lipids, mass spectrometry, lipoprotein

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