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Admission and Discharge Center

The Admission and Discharge Center is responsible for managing the beds for the entire hospital, which includes such things as the bed assignment and admission date for each patient, as well as contacting patients and handling their admission and discharge procedures.


The center secures hospital beds for patients who have made a reservation, decides on the date of admission and contacts patients about it. For emergency admissions during daytime on a weekday, the hospital beds are selected on the basis of information from the physician in charge. The center aims to manage hospital beds in a smooth and effective manner. It is also responsible for admission and discharge procedures, as well as producing hospital admission guides, which are modified according to the latest changes in the hospital.

Organizational structure

The center is composed of the center’s Director, the Chief Nurse in charge of hospital bed management, and administrative personnel.

Main activities

The center implements decisions made by the Inpatient Services Administration and the Ward Management Committee. Newly admitted patient numbers (and annual bed occupancy rate) were as follows: 28,266 patients/year (89%) in 2013, 27,944 patients/year (88%) in 2014, and 26,687 patients/year (86%) in 2015. There are two hospital wards for inpatients: Ward A (completed in 2000) and Ward B (completed in 1968). In addition, the new Inpatient Ward II is due to be completed in 2017. The center also carries out surveys at the time of the patient’s discharge so that any concerns patients may have can be immediately addressed.

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