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Yukio Homma

Yukio Homma

Urology and Andrology


M.D. , Ph.D.


Urological Tumor, Urological Surgery, Endourology, Prostatic Disease, interstitial Cystitis, Overactive Bladder

Research Interests

Cancer Biology, Pathophysiology of Voiding Dysfucntion, Clinical Assessment


Japanese/ English


Year Institution Degree
1978 The University of Tokyo School of Medicine M.D.
1986 The University of Tokyo School of Medicine Ph.D.
Years attended Institution Training
1978- Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital Urology
1982- Mistui Memorial Hospital Urology
1985- Tokyo Teishin Hospital Urology
Appointments and positions
Years Institution Title
1988- Department of Urology, The University of Tokyo Hospital Assistant Professor
2000- Department of Urology, The University of Tokyo Hospital Associate Professor
2003- Department of Urology, Japanese Red Cross Medical Center Chief
2008- Department of Urology, The University of Tokyo Hospital Professor and Chairman
Board Certifications
Year Certifications
1986 Japanese Urological Association Board Certified Surgeon
Selected Publications
  • Homma Y, Nomiya A, Tagaya M, Oyama T, Takagaki K, Nishimatsu H, Igawa Y: Increased mrna expression of genes involved in pronociceptive inflammatory reactions in bladder tissue of interstitial cystitis. The Journal of urology 2013;190:1925-1931.
  • Homma Y: Lower urinary tract symptomatology: Its definition and confusion. International journal of urology : official journal of the Japanese Urological Association 2008;15:35-43.
  • Homma Y, Yoshida M, Seki N, Yokoyama O, Kakizaki H, Gotoh M, Yamanishi T, Yamaguchi O, Takeda M, Nishizawa O: Symptom assessment tool for overactive bladder syndrome--overactive bladder symptom score. Urology 2006;68:318-323.
  • Homma Y, Kaneko M, Kondo Y, Kawabe K, Kakizoe T: Inhibition of rat prostate carcinogenesis by a 5alpha-reductase inhibitor, fk143. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 1997;89:803-807.
Academic Societies
  • Japanese Urological Society
  • Ameriacan Urological Association
  • European Urological Association
  • International Society of Urology
  • International Continence Society
Editorial Boards
  • Journal of Urology
  • Urology
  • International Journal of Urology
2001 Medical Grant Award, Japanese Medical Association
2003 Japanese Society of Geriatric Urology Award

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