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Isao Koshima

Isao Koshima

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery


Professor and Chief


General Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery, Supermicrosurgery (flap transfer with vascular anastomosis around 0.5mm), Perforator flaps, Head and Neck Reconstruction (muscle transfer &vascul nerve flaps for facial palsy, vascularized fat flap for lipodystrophy and sclerodermia, irradiated severe facial deformity, mandibular loss etc.), Aesthetic Facial Reconstruction, Hand Surgery, Functional Muscle and Bone Transfer, Free flap transfer for arteriovenous alformation, Aesthetic finger reconstruction, Congenital deformity, Vascularized toenail transfer, floating thmb etc), Breast Reconstruction (DIEP flap, vascularized fat flap etc.), Gender Identity Disorder, Penile& Urethral Reconstruction (SCIP flap), Vascular Malformation, Arteriovenous Malformation (wide resect and free flap repair), Lymphedema (surgical treatments LVA, node transfer,l iposuction), Leg Reconstruction (AVM, Osteomyelitis, DM ulcer etc.), Plantar repair

Research Interests

supermicrosurgery, vascularized nerve graft, nerve regeneration, Patinian corpuscle, vascularized muscle flap, muscle regenaration, lymphatic regenaration, microneurovascular anatomy



Year Institution Degree
1976 Tottori University, School of Medicine M.D.
Years attended Institution Training
1976 Tokyo Womens Medical School Junior Resident
1977-83 The University of Tokyo Junior Resident, Senior Resident
1996-97 Harverd Medical School Visitor
Appointments and positions
Years Institution Title
1983-90 University of Tsukuba Assistant Professor
1990-2000 Kawasaki Medical School Associate Professor
2000-2004 The University of Okayama Professor and Chief
2004-present The University of Tokyo Professor and Chief
2009-2010 National Univ of Singapore Senior Consultant
2012-present Barcelona University Visiting Professor
Board Certifications
Year Certifications
Japanese Society of Plastic, Reconstr, and Aesth. Surg
Japanese Society of Hand Surg
Selected Publications
  • Koshima I, Soeda S. Inferior epigastric artery skin flaps without rectus abdominis muscle. Br J Plast Surg. 1989 Nov;42(6):645-8. (1st report on DIEP flap)
  • Koshima I, Moriguchi T, Umeda N, Yamada A. Trimmed second toetip transfer for reconstruction of claw nail deformity of the fingers. Br J Plast Surg. 1992(esthetic fingertip repair)
  • Koshima I, Moriguchi T, Soeda S, Kawata S, Ohta S, Ikeda A. The gluteal perforator-based flap for repair of sacral pressure sores. Plast Reconstr Surg. 1993 (1st report on GAP flap)
  • Koshima I, Yamamoto H, Hosoda M, Moriguchi T, Orita Y, Nagayama H. Free combined composite flaps using the lateral circumflex femoral system for repair of massive defects of the head and neck regions: an introduction to the chimeric flap principle. Plast Reconstr Surg. 1993 Sep;92(3):411-20.(1st report on chimera flap)
  • Koshima I, Fukuda H, Yamamoto H, Moriguchi T, Soeda S, Ohta S. Free anterolateral thigh flaps for reconstruction of head and neck defects. Plast Reconstr Surg. 1993 Sep;92(3):421-8(1st report on ALT flap for head & neck)
Academic Societies
  • World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery (Board member)
  • European supermicrosurgery course (funding and live surgery member)
  • International Course of Perforator Flaps (funding and live surgery member)
Editorial Boards
  • J Plast Recoinstr Surg (USA)
1997- Invited live surgery
Two times at Gent Univ. (Belgium), Louisiana University (New Orleans USA), (Munick, Germany), Kueit National Hospital, 3 times in Chang-Gung Memorial University (Taiwan), San Paulo University (Brazil), six times at San Pau Hospital (Barcelona Univ.),Gazi University Hospital (Ankara, Turkey), Ganga Hospital (Koinbatour India), Three times in China-Japan Friendship Hospital (Beitin China), Five times in National Univ of Singapore, Zuwall City Hospital (Zuwall Holland), Siberia University (Tomsk, Russia), Mahidon University (Bangkock, Tailand), Mexico National Univ. Hospital (Mexico City), Asan Univ. Hospital (Seoul, Korea), Right Hospital (Chennai India), Univ of Helsinki (Finland), Tri-army Univ. Hospital (Taipei) , New York University(USA).
2006- present Foreign visitors:136
2014 Buncke lecture in American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery (Hawaii)
2014 Maninicac Lecture in American Society of Plast & Reconstr Srgery (Chicago)

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