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Center for Genome Medicine

The Center for Genome Medicine is comprised of three departments: genetic informatics, clinical genomics, and genomic analysis departments. The Center aims to provide the most appropriate genomic medicine based on genomic information.

Genomic Analysis Department

This department is moving ahead with large-scale genome sequencing that uses next-generation sequencers, and genome informatics research, and promoting advanced genomic research. It aims to comprehensively clarify the genetic factors involved in the development of diseases and to explain pathological mechanisms. Also, this department is building a pipeline for various kinds of large-scale genome sequencing and genome informatics analysis for researchers.

Genetic Informatics Department

The main work of this department is to conduct polymorphic/mutation analysis of genes for primarily lifestyle-related diseases and related to therapeutic response. We also develop a database and conduct data mining. This department is also making genome sampling anonymous.

Clinical Genomics Department

In order to respond to the broad and varied needs of genetic medicine, this department was established in 2003. This department plays a central role of genetic medicine in the Hospital and also provides a training program of genetic medicine for physicians.

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